office coffee makers

Having to leave the office and chase down a cup of coffee can be frustrating rather than relaxing or inspiring. Buying a single cup of coffee is also expensive. An AutoPOD Brewer Bunn Automatic Coffee Maker offers workers or teammates a chance to choose from a variety of coffees or hot beverages like coffee, tea or hot chocolate all freshly brewed. The AutoPOD's pre-infusion and pulse brew features gets you the beverage you want in less than minutes.Coffee Makers These machines do not have the insinuating look of many industrial or office product coffee machines. The lightweight AutoPOD looks good and will fit easily on a table or countertop. Coffee Makers ,There is a booster for tall cups, large mugs or travel mugs. Able to store up to 25 used pods, the AutoPOD is easy to clean and automatically disposes of spent pods.Coffee Makers Another good choice for a small business breakroom would be the GRX Home Brewer 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker. This very affordable coffee maker features a grinder that can tackle whole beans while brewing. Its smooth black and sleek stainless finish goes with any decor. This maker can handle 10 cups and keeps the coffee hot with a double-wall carafe. The 24-hour fully programmable alternatives mean that coffee can be ready before the doors even open for business. While improved for home use, this makes a great office choice because of its look and features.For the very busy office, a larger higher volume brewing system might be called for. Still not looking too monstrous, the Titan Single brews up to 22.5 gallons of fresh hot coffee per hour using the Bunn automatic coffee maker system for coffee extraction controlled with pre-infusion and Bunn's pulse brew. Coffee Makers ,There are settings for coffee strength that provides each person to have a unique coffee experience suited to them. An energy saver mode can reduce tank temperature during periods when the maker is idle.Another plus with many of the Bunn Automatic Coffee Makers is the ability to preprogram the machine. This means hot coffee can be waiting for the first employees on site and more will be ready when the next group arrives.Bunn Coffee Automatic Coffee Maker can also do double duty as a tea or cocoa maker. Coffee Makers ,This type of flexibility coupled with the design and distorts for the Bunn make them a good choice for the business office. They look sleek and professional instead of seeming too industrial and out of place.